App turns anyone into a trader; meet the binomists


The world of asset markets is constantly changing and demands the same from traders. Anyone who is not prepared to adapt to the new rules is often punished by the market, so it is necessary to shape a new approach.

Modern traders are proactive and move persistently towards their goals. They know that dreams are not achieved overnight and are ready to work hard to achieve them. These people are called binomists, users of the platform for Binomo traders, and they have a specific mentality and lifestyle that help with the trading routine.

A healthy environment plays an important role in the life of binomist traders, so they shape it themselves, communicating only with people who are close to their spirit and ideas. The environment is the basis from which they achieve their goals.

These traders know that the financial markets are full of opportunities, so they are always ready to take full advantage of them. Binomists closely monitor price changes and news to make the right investment decision. They don’t make decisions by instinct, but use their knowledge and clear data.

The real experience for trade develops only with the combination of theory and practice. Every piece of information that a binomist obtains is immediately tested on a demo account, which helps him to keep up with market conditions and constantly improve his skills.

As binomists want to invest in the best available assets, they choose Binomo, an innovative trading platform with millions of users worldwide and offering all the tools necessary to achieve their (and yours) financial goals.

Check out some of the main features of this platform for traders:

More than 55 assets

A wide variety of assets allows you to effectively diversify your portfolio. Each financial instrument has its own rate of return of up to 90% in case of a correct forecast and it is possible to trade currency pairs, try out commodities and indices or use all of them.

Demo account for traders

Practice like a real binomist and use a demo account to make your skills as good as possible. Thus, on the Binomo trade platform, you can test various ideas and strategies without risking your funds.

Free strategies

The platform offers a wide range of strategies for both beginners and professional traders. Binomo’s step-by-step tutorials will help you make decisions in different market conditions. Of course, the strategies are not universal and do not guarantee a 100% positive result, but they are a great tool to assist in negotiation.

Mobile trading

You can trade from anywhere with Binomo. Just have a cell phone and an internet connection to trade on the way to work, on vacation or at home, using the trade app on iOS or Android.

Be part of a large community of traders and sign up on the Binomo website or app. Make your first deposit with the special promotional code BINOMIST to receive a 50% welcome bonus.

Legal notice: financial transactions may involve high risk. Assess all risks and seek advice from an independent financial advisor before negotiating.


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