App That Downloaded Movies From Netflix And Disney+ Is Banned From GitHub


Netflix: User Windevine Dump posted on Github late last year a script capable of downloading HD videos from popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. The app in question provoked an immediate reaction from the Motion Picture Association (MPA), which sent a letter to the repository requesting that the tool be deleted.

Although streaming services provide download functions within their apps, files can only be viewed with a subscription. Playback is not easily possible beyond applications because of Digital Rights Management (DRM), a technology that prevents music and videos from being copied and distributed without authorization.

The code published by the user Windevine Dump is able to circumvent this impediment, which is considered by the association that represents the great companies of the American film industry argued a violation of the United States Copyright Act (DMCA).

According to Torrentfreak, all repositories and the Widevine Dump user account have been deleted from Gifthub. However, it is not known if this deletion was carried out by the website or if the user himself removed the data.

Appearance of forks

After the Widevine Dump repositories were published, a hundred variations of the code appeared on Github. In a second letter, the MPA sent a new statement requesting the takedown and listing the links that would violate the DMCA.

In response, the digital repository states that it removed the entire list requested by the association, which included 934 files. Despite this, Torrentfreak has identified a few other copies still available.