App Mesários 2020: EAD training is already happening


The pandemic has generated new needs and demands in the general scenario. There was no way to be different for the 2020 elections. With a focus on prevention, the TSE made available the official training application that will allow remote training of volunteers across the country.

The Mesários app is available for download in the official Playstore and Applestore app stores. By means of an access key, the summoner will open a class platform and can carry out their training directly through the app or via EAD platform.

The summons have been taking place since August 18 through whatsapp or registered email. The nomination notices must be published by September 16.

Some users are having problems accessing the app’s training, according to the reviews exposed in the app stores, but most have been successful in carrying out despite the difficulties.

In addition to the summons, it is possible to apply voluntarily for the work of a polling station. And for candidates, whether voluntary or compulsory, it is worth remembering that training, even if virtual, entitles you to two days off.


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