App makes diagnosis of the disease with selfie of the nails


A new mobile app called AnemoCheck is able to provide a reliable diagnosis – and done at home – to tell if you are at risk for anemia by just taking a selfie of your nails. The technology makes the diagnosis by analyzing the nail bed, the pink part under the nails.

The test app hits the market with the support of a study published in the journal Nature, which concluded that testing is sufficiently accurate and sensitive to function as a screening method. Erika Tyburski, founder of Sanguina, the company responsible for the application, recognizes that it is 10% less effective than an ordinary blood test.

However, the company’s goal is to offer AnemoCheck as a lifestyle tool, which helps both patients with chronic anemia and those who have some symptoms, but do not know if they have the disease. An additional test, done through a finger prick, was launched by Sanguina and approved by the FDA in the USA, but only under prescription for now.

Dangers of anemia

In addition to worsening (deep anemia) and even leading to death, anemia is a specific problem for women of childbearing age, as untreated disease can increase the risk of premature birth, need for blood transfusion at birth, postpartum depression -birth and development risks for the baby.


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