App icons from Instagram to celebrate tenth birthday


Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world today, took its place in the App Store on October 6, 2010, exactly 10 years ago. The service, which was launched shortly after the release of the iPhone 4, makes it possible to change the application icon within the framework of birthday celebrations.

Among the options offered by Instagram are the icon that was used when the name was not known before the launch and the original icon that was used for three weeks after publication. The classic Polaroid camera-style icons used by the social network for more than five years are also on the list.

Different themed versions of the current logo are also offered to users within the framework of birthday celebrations. These themes are listed as Twilight, Sunrise, Dawn, Honor, Golden, Darkness, Light and Very Dark.

To access the new icons, it is necessary to go to the Settings menu of Instagram. Here you can see some emojis at the top of the screen when a long downward drag is made. When dragging down enough, app icons pop up with Instagram’s message titled “Celebrate With Us”.

It seems like Instagram’s birthday surprise has not reached all users yet. While it was possible to change the application icon on some devices in our experiments with different phones in the technoblog office, it was not possible to see this option on some phones.

Instagram will offer the opportunity to use different application icons to its users only during October. The company’s message reads: “To celebrate our birthday, we invite you this month to replace your app icon with your favorite icon below. Thanks for being a part of our story and using Instagram to share your own stories. “

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