App Clips, what are they and what are they for in iOS 14


Many companies have their services in an application that is distributed thanks to the software stores built into each smartphone. But since the arrival of iOS 14, the use of some of them is very different with the use of App Clips. There are still not many on the market, but today we take a look at what they are and how to use them.

Applications on demand

As we said, if you want an application you must enter the App Store and download it. This is in the case of iPhone, but you will have a different one depending on the terminal you choose. But in the case of the phone with the bitten apple there are other ways to have all the features of an application without even installing it. This would be the definition of what App Clips are.

Thanks to iOS 14 some developers can provide small functions of their applications on the web. This is a breakthrough since you don’t have to depend on your device’s space to use any software. Of course, it has to be compatible with this technology that we are going to tell you about how it works below.

This is how App Clips work

Now that you know what the iOS 14 App Clips are, we are going to tell you how they are used. For now, stick with the features that we told you before: they are small applications that work without prior installation on your smartphone, so you save space. They are also fully operational, so you do not have to worry that they stop working after a short period of time as if it were a trial version.

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To use it, you just have to enter a compatible site, which will notify you with a notification at the top of the screen. Next, you will have to click on the button that you have below that will indicate the option you will make when executing the option, which can basically be open or play. You will then enter the application in question quickly and it can be used continuously.

At the moment, there are few applications that work with this feature in our country, but it is a matter of both services and games working with this new design in the not too distant future. This is where the ability of developers to generate this type of content comes into play.


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