App Byte is purchased by Clash, another TikTok rival


Byte, a short video app that competed with TikTok launched a year ago, was bought by Clash, another competitor for the Chinese media app, but more “young”. By merging the two apps under the name Clash, the company seeks to consolidate a strong video app with monetization tools that give creators more payment facilities.

Both software have a common genealogy: Clash co-founder Brendon McNerney started his career at Vine, a six-minute video application created by Dom Hofmann who later founded Byte. McNerney revealed to The New York Times on Tuesday (26) that the initial idea is that the two competitors will be launched “together as a product” in a few months.

In a post on the now-sold app forum, Hofmann said that “the market for apps that allow you to create and post videos from your phone is extremely saturated.” For the creator of Byte, today there are many competitors, with similar and even better resources, and with a larger distribution network.

Facing TikTok

The merger of the two apps shows the enormous challenge that independent companies, without a large corporate sponsor and support network, face in the arduous task of trying to compete with TikTok, in addition to the countless clones of it, today integrated into super-applications like Instagram and Snapchat.

To The Verge website, PJ Leimgruber, another founder of Clash, says that he doesn’t see himself competing with TikTok at any time. What Clash will seek to offer, with its expertise in monetization, is to better reward creators, with extraordinary tips and payments, made by their main fans.

Also speaking to The Verge, McNerney revealed that, since its creation a year ago, Byte has been installed 4.5 million times. Launched more discreetly in August last year, Clash reached the mark of half a million installations. Asked about the value of the acquisition, the new owner of Byte refused to answer.


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