Apocalypse skies in San Francisco due to historic fires

Downtown San Francisco is seen from Dolores Park under an orange sky darkened by smoke from California wildfires in San Francisco, California, U.S. September 9, 2020. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Smoke from the California wildfires tinted the skies orange on Wednesday across San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco and other parts of the west coast of the United States woke up to dark orange skies worthy of an apocalypse scene on Wednesday, amid smoke from the fires that continue to ravage California. At midday, the mixture of fog and smoke gave the city a surreal atmosphere as if the sun had still not risen. “Forest fire haze is darkening the skies across San Francisco Bay,” authorities said. They have been providing daily information for weeks on air quality, and regularly advise vulnerable people not to go out.

More than two dozen fires raged in California, and nearly a thousand firefighters battled the fire dubbed Creek Fire in the Fresno area of ​​the upstate, which has spread to more than 56,000 hectares. The outbreaks extended from the border with Canada, in Washington state, to the Mexican border, near San Diego (California), where nearly 7,000 hectares went up in smoke, according to local authorities.

As you walked through the streets of San Francisco during the day, you could see locals working on their computers by the light of their lamps, only to see clearly in the glowing darkness. Surprisingly, after many days in which the air smelled of smoke and ash, the atmosphere seemed breathable. On social networks, users competed in terror and humor, with references to scenes from apocalyptic films or jokes about the year 2020, decidedly synonymous with catastrophes, even for a region accustomed to earthquakes and fires.

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The sky turns orange in San Francisco due to fires

@choleemo, a TikTok user, showed a beach in Oregon, northern California, where the sand, the sea and the sky formed a palette of gradations in red tones, only white foam and the sound of waves reminding that it was indeed the ocean. “Here are some photos from my trip to the bay this week. Glad there wasn’t an earthquake or flooding, ”tweeted analyst Patrick Moorhead, with footage from Blade Runner 2049, a sci-fi film, where we see a lone hero advancing towards ruins covered with orange dust, under a sky of the same color.


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