APK File of Beta Version of Huawei Search Revealed


Huawei continues to work on its new service, Huawei Search. While working on Huawei Search, the APK file of the service was released. You can download the apk file and install the application on your Huawei phone.

Huawei continues to develop its own services for the period when it cannot fully use Google services. One of the services that the company is developing is Huawei Search. Huawei Search offers features like instant searches, quick view widgets and news feeds. Users can search these services in sections such as Videos, News and Images.

Development work of Huawei Search continues. But now the APK file of the beta version of the Huawei Search service has appeared. The service, which can work with EMUI 10, also has dark mode support.

Huawei Search is not currently available on Huawei’s AppGalery. After the main development work of the service, the tests are currently underway. The APK file we offer you is the APK file of the beta version used in the tests.

To run Huawei Search, you need to download the APK file first. Once the download is complete, install Huawei Search on your phone. Then go to the Home Screen and hold your two fingers on the screen and pinch your fingers. Touch the Widget from the options at the bottom of the screen and you can make the desired search from the Search option at the bottom of this screen.


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