Apink’s Eunji decides not to use Dear U Bubble anymore because Sasaeng continues to follow her?


One member of the girl group Apink, Eunji is reportedly going to stop using the Dear U Bubble service for her safety and privacy. On December 2, 2021, Eunji sent an announcement to her fans via Dear U Bubble saying that at first she thought that using Bubble could bring her closer to fans, Pink Panda.

However, the service was misused by sasaengs to find out the latest shooting location from Jung Eunji, even around the senior idol’s private house.

“When other fans are behind the line (maintaining the line between idol-fan), some people often cross the line and come directly to my activity location. Because of that, I was very stressed. I don’t think I can use Bubble anymore after December (this year),” said Jung Eunji.

Previously, in August 2021, Apink’s agency had also sent a report on the sasaengs who followed Eunji to various locations of her activities.