Apex will limit the number of participants to 30 people


Apex Legends will introduce the long-awaited clan system, but it will do so with some limitations. It will arrive on November 4 as part of Season 7.

Apex Legends Season 7 will introduce numerous changes and features to the success of Respawn Entertainment. Among them are the Clubs, a clan system of which we already know its possibilities … and limitations.

Through the digital presentation that MeriStation attended, the team confirmed that the Clubs will have a maximum of 30 simultaneous participants. This decision is supported by several arguments. First, the stability of the infrastructure. The team says “it is not feasible” to enable thousands of groups with hundreds of people inside. It would compromise the operation of the system. On the other hand, they say that this number is the ideal one to open up socially to other users.

You can only be in one Club at the same time. If you want to enter another, you must leave the one you were. In the main menu you will find a search engine in which to search for groups by labels already established according to the claims in it. And if what you want is to create your own, the icon editor will not be free, but you have to place the shapes in the position they are in. During the presentation they confirmed that at first there was the possibility of editing with greater flexibility, but that led to inappropriate figures.

Ascension, Season 7 of the battle royale, will arrive in Apex Legends on November 4. The same day it will make its debut on Steam; All Origin players will have cross-save between both platforms on PC.

This content highlighted by the inclusion of a new legend, Horizon, of which we already told you about her abilities in our impressions. It won’t come alone: ​​Olympus will be the third playable map. The floating city will allow battles in wide and colorful environments. In it you will find the first playable vehicle, called Trident. His approach to transportation will open up new possibilities in the heat of battle.


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