Apex Legends will refresh the End of World map


Respawn Entertainment will modify several areas of the End of the World map when season 6 arrives. This will be the other battlefield of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends will begin its new stage on August 18. Season 6 will bring with it a multitude of playable changes, such as the ability to build equipment at certain stations. The End of the World map, the second in contention after the Canyon of the Kings, will redesign some areas that until now had little game.

In an extensive statement, the studio wanted to reveal the three keys to its creative process: improving the action in the lava zone, expanding the rotation options from some critical points and adding a new mechanic that favors different combat situations.

The old lava zone has been designed from the ground up to include a new refinery structure. It includes four control rooms and a multitude of loot to become a suitable place to land. On the other hand, a passage through it has been added to the cliff on the east side.

In Piercing, the tower with the three ropes has been removed to build a fortress whose perimeter can be activated to deploy multiple walls that serve as defense. It can be accessed from the Tower, the Lava Fissure, and the Train Base. Right in the center there is a pit that when opened offers great loot.

The small towns underneath the train tracks have also been remodeled, now displaying the same industrial landscape as Hammond’s décor. All these changes allow you to enjoy a map that is much more varied and full of possibilities. And yes, Mirage’s ship has disappeared, leaving other geyser outbreaks in the middle of the river of sulfur.

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If you want to know the comparison of the before and after you can do it by clicking on this link. Remember that season 6 will debut in Apex Legends on August 18. A new period begins in the Electronic Arts battle royale.


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