Apex Legends will arrive on Steam in November


After the arrival of Eletronic Arts games at the Steam store, only Apex Legends was missing. Well, it was missing. The free Respawn Entertainment battle royale will arrive on the Valve Launcher on November 4th and all players will be able to transfer their progress and unlock Origin items to the new platform.

The announcement was made through a news on the official website of Steam, which also informs that the arrival of the game coincides with the release date of the 7th season of Apex Legends.

The novelty will also bring rewards for players. There are three free cosmetic items for weapons based on the Portal and Half-Life series: a potato GLaDOS, an Octane victim of a headcrab and a Wattson holding a companion cube.

Last year, EA returned to publishing its games on Steam, after almost 10 years, which allowed players to have access to several games from the developer outside Origin. With Apex Legends, now all players will be able to enjoy any EA game on Steam.

Origin, which will switch to EA Desktop App, will also continue with games. Did you like the change? Use the comments section to give your opinion.

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