Apex Legends Targeted By Pirates Enraged By Titanfall


Apex Legends was the target of pirates who reacted to the unplayable status of Titanfall, also developed by Respawn. Social media posts by players show that a message appears in the game saying “SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is under attack, so Apex too”. It was stated that the pop-up window titled “important message” that appeared after the matches in Apex Legends also directed the players to the same address.

Respawn seems to have fixed the issue by releasing a server update. In a statement made by the studio on the subject via Twitter, the attack said that the personal information of the players and

Cyber ​​attacks on games are usually done with motivations such as cheating or theft. This time, however, Respawn’s lack of interest in Titanfall seems to have angered the attackers.

Titanfall players seem to have found the solution to their long-standing problems in the Apex Legends attack. Respawn has previously promised to fix problems in Titanfall. Time will tell how much this latest attack will speed up the process.


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