Apex Legends Streamer Criticizes “Stupid” Chat After Scolding His Wife Again On Twitch


A Twitch streamer has brushed off “stupid” viewers after they accused him of being furious at his wife on live TV and shouting about how she plays Apex Legends.

The streamer, who goes by the name OfficialGlockoma, can be regularly seen streaming with his significant other. He has less than 1,000 subscribers on Twitch, and the pair regularly play in competitive modes.

After the defeat in the Apex Legends game, the TV presenter turned his attention to his teammate and real partner.

After a few seconds, it got very hot.

Streamer on Twitch criticized for being angry at his wife
— What were you doing outside? he shouted. “Did you rob? It won’t take long! So you robbed?!

“There are enemies inside that they fought. Why did you let them rob? You keep doing this shit over and over again. You keep letting people rob… I don’t understand!”

When she tried to explain what had happened, he intervened again: “Why are you sitting and thinking about this?”

At the time of writing, the clip has gained more than 85,000 views, and many viewers condemned the reaction of the official glockcom.

This is also not the first case. Back in May, the same streamer made headlines after scolding his wife live on air. He said: “That’s partly why women have such problems with games. Your mentality is based on emotions.”

Apex Legends Streamer Called Twitch Chat “Stupid”
In the second video, reacting to the fact that Twitch viewers in the chat doubted his outburst, he doubled down.

“I feel great about my wife, thank you very much,” he said, laughing at any criticism.

“Do you want to know more about my wife and the country she comes from? And how does she know how women are actually treated compared to the free world of Western society? Why don’t you go to her channel and ask her, damn it. You all need a big reality check, man.

A comment in the chat read: “So you have the right to treat her like this because she’s from where??? What are you saying?

Another added: “Oh yes, you are a real gentleman compared to Indian standards, you only raise your voice! and humiliate her! such a gentleman!”

According to the biography of his channel, the Twitch streamer and his wife have been together for six years. It says: “We’ve been together for six years, we’ve been married for three and we’re going to. Watch us climb up the rankings in your favorite games while we get angry and kiss in the same match.”


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