Apex Legends Shows Off The Broken Moon Map Before The Launch of Season 15


Ahead of the launch of the 15th season of Apex Legends on November 1, developer Respawn Entertainment gave players a quick overview of the new Broken Moon game map.

The fifth map of Apex Legends takes players to Cleo, the moon, split after a catastrophic meteorite impact. In order to finance the colonization of the partially terraformed moon, the government signed a contract with a Syndicate to host Apex Games there.

The moon was last seen in the latest “Stories from Beyond” video, in which Respawn introduced the game’s first transgender legendary catalyst descended from Cleo.

Broken Moon, which promises to be the same size as the World’s Edge map, is half colonized — one side of the map is barren, and the other half is colonized and rich in vegetation. The terraformer itself can be found in the center of the map, providing a “king of the mountain” drop site filled with loot, where up to four teams can find convenient landing spots.

Players can navigate the new map using several zip rails that were created to transport players between different attractions. Respawn notes that zip rails offer the same functionality as existing in-game ziplines, but provide increased speed and momentum.

There are also a lot of interesting places in between, and the map focuses on large structures that provide places for several squads to land, offering players time to loot before the shooting begins. And, of course, if something goes wrong, security will be at arm’s length.

Full information about what to expect from the new map, as well as additional information about the sights, can be found in the blog post of chief level designer Randolph Steyer.

As for other gaming news, servers for the 2012 version of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition will not be restored on PC due to an “outdated system”.


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