Apex Legends Season 9 – Valkyrie Abilities, Arena Mode, and More; We Have Already Played it


Apex Legends: We have already tested the main novelties of Season 9 of Apex Legends, which will arrive on May 4 on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.Apex Legends straightens its course towards expected content in Season 9. The next step in Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale features a direct connection to the Titanfall universe. The new legend that joins the Games has little to do with the rest of the faces: Valkyrie knows very well the trajectory of the American study.

In MeriStation we already know how the future queen of the airspace will spend them as of May 4. New legend, competitive mode, news in Olympus … Season 9 is loaded with news.

Valkyrie, a new way of understanding the battlefield

Her reveal trailer leaves little room for doubt. Valkyrie will make us take flight through the rocket backpack, an essential element of the universe to which she belongs. Daughter of Viper, one of the antagonists of Titanfall 2, from Respawn they have wanted to humanize him in order to understand the motivations of her heir. Beyond the fact that Apex Legends itself shares the universe with the two installments of the saga, the current context has little to do with the war that was being lived at that time

We will not have Titans, but we will have some elements that are inevitably reminiscent of these mechanized companions. The rocket pack Valkyrie carries not only offers a range of mobility not seen in the rest of the squad, but also offensive elements that persuade and support your squad.

Her ability passive hers stems from her use of her jetpack for a limited time. When doing double jump we will activate the flying movement, which works more like a vertical support that lifts you to a safe distance from the ground. Those responsible for it explain to the professionals present the difficulties that had to balance an element as groundbreaking as this. In addition to wasting gasoline, a factor with her own soda, her suit emits a piercing sound that is heard among those close to her. At all times you will know if a Valkyrie is flying if you sharpen your hearing.

Once in the air you have the best offensive option: the missile salvo. As a tactical skill, you can mark a position to instantly launch a pack of 12 missiles, striking in waves. It is not an attack designed to destroy the enemy, like the ultimate in Bangalore. With these missiles we want to intimidate, to make him leave some position of cover so that the rest of the squad can hunt them down. An ingredient is added to the formula: each opponent who is hit by these missiles will lose movement speed for a few seconds. Almost nothing.

And what about his ultimate? Her defining ability breaks the rules: she is intended to support your teammates and receive relevant information from the battlefield. When activated, Valkyrie readies her backpack to launch herself into the air at a limit above what she can double jump. The peculiarity is that your companions can be hooked to each end of the wings, as if it were an extra free descent. As if that weren’t enough, Valkyrie will highlight the enemies around her, except those that remain inside structures.


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