Apex Legends: ‘Season 8 – Chaos’ on February 2


Presented in February 2019 as the latest bet on the free-to-play battle royale market from Respawn Entertainment and EA Games, the Apex Legends game caught the attention of players around the world and proved successful by attracting a large base of players. users already at its launch.

Over the months, the companies started to make available the already traditional seasons that bring specific events, new items and more, having been officially confirmed by the developer the arrival of its 8th season, called Chaos, in celebration of the two years of launch of the game.

Expected to be released on February 2, the new season has as its main highlight the presentation of Fuse, 16th legend of the game, incorporated by a “relaxed explosives enthusiast” and will be placed as another option of choice for his fans and that presented in the trailer “Histórias das Terras Ermas” (video below).

In addition, we have also confirmed the availability of the 30-30 Repeater lever rifle and the promise to “rock the King’s Canyon with the third major redesign of the iconic map”.

For now, the official teaser for Season 8: Chaos has not yet been officially released by Respawn but it is expected that this will happen shortly before the season is officially available to players through Origin or Steam.

So, looking forward to Season 8 – Chaos? Tell us in the comments!


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