Apex Legends Season 8 Battle Pass Now Available


Apex Legends Season 8 shows the main rewards of your Battle Pass. Progress through 100 levels packed with aesthetic elements.

Apex Legends publishes the battle pass of its newly released Season 8. After having shown in the trailer what the rewards look like live, the studio publishes the appearance of the hundred levels that we will find in Havoc, as this wave of content.

Apex Legends Season 8: Featured Battle Pass Rewards and Price

You can get the Season 8 Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins. If you’d rather start with a boost, the company offers you to skip the first 25 levels, which will give you those items right from the start, like the Radical Action for Bangalore skin and content worth 4,700 Apex Coins. The price of the Battle Pass plus level skipping is 2,800 Apex Coins.

By purchasing the Battle Pass, you will receive several rewards instantly, such as the Legendary Chained Beast skin for the Flatline, as well as alternate versions for Fuse, She-wolf and Gibraltar. If you prefer to continue with the free line of the pass, you will continue to find several gifts. You will earn the following at no additional cost:

Malicious Intent Skin for Octane

7 Apex bundles

Season 8 Victory Record for all Legends

As usual, you don’t have to buy the Battle Pass from the start. Your progress during Season 8 will be saved to your profile; If you decide to take the step in the next few weeks, you will receive the levels that you have reached so far. If it’s level 40, for example, all those objects will be added to your profile.

We already know the full patch notes that will start this new stage. Add-ons beyond the familiar stand out, such as the new legendary chargers. Supply rotation will vary on accessories and weapons. In Season 8 the golden cannon has been removed from chests, for example. Know all the changes in this link.


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