Apex Legends: Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes


Respawn publishes the full Ascension Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 7. It will arrive next November 4 at the battle royale.

Season 7 of Apex Legends will begin on November 4. Ascension will introduce a series of content that will expand the battle royale experience at all levels. From the inclusion of their new legend, Horizon, to their third playable map, Olympus, to the clan system, the first playable vehicle and much more.

In MeriStation we have already played a preview of what is to come. The company publishes the Ascension patch notes, where we can check the adjustments, corrections and improvements in the base formula.

Apex Legends, Season 7 Ascension: Patch Notes

What’s New

New Legend: Horizon

New Map: Olympus

New Vehicle: Trident

Limited time mode: Olympus preview | In this mode you can visit the new map to discover its locations and playable possibilities. You will join 30 other legends through 3 deployments. It will remain active the first week of play.


Launch on Steam

Battle Pass Season 7

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