Apex Legends Season 6 changed the map, new weapon


Apex Legends receives the arrival update for Season 6 (Boosted) at dawn on Tuesday (18). The update includes the new character Rampart, changes to the Confins of the World map, the unprecedented weapon SMG Volt and a new crafting system.

1. Rampart’s skills

Tactical Ability: Amped Cover – As shown in the gameplay, Rampart’s ability will be of great importance during the exchange of shots. The defending character will have an energized barrier that increases the damage of his weapon behind it, in addition to reducing the damage of the opponent’s bullet. She will be able to make three barriers that will work for her teammates as well.
Passive Ability: Modded Loader – in addition to having greater speed when reloading your weapon, Rampart will have a greater support for ammunition than the other characters;
Final Ability: Emplaced Minigun “Sheila” – Rampart’s ultimate ability is related to his “Sheila” weapon. It consists of attaching the machine gun to the ground as a base, giving greater stability when shooting. Rampart will be the first character to have greater proficiency with this type of specific weapon, because although any player can use his mounted machine gun, Rampart will be the best with it.

2. Changes to the map

In addition to removing Mirage Voyage from the map, four new locations have been added to Worlds Edge: Launch Site, Countdown, Preparation and Crossing the Research Field / Space Tower. The map also features a new geyser and armored wall mechanics that can be activated in places like Preparation. Much was expected for the arrival of a new map on the Apex. However, Respawn has again postponed the novelty.

3. Crafting System

The Crafting System is a new mechanic for creating weapons that comes into play in season six and promises to be a milestone for Battle Royale. An orange structure will be available on the map, where the player will be able to transform collected materials into items such as weapons, shields and ammunition.

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Remember that it will not be allowed to create any item. The crafting system selects a different weapon each day, along with some accessories available for it. In addition, the selected weapon will not be available in the loot. Players need to observe the daily rotations to develop a strategy accordingly if they want to use a specific weapon.

4. New submachine gun – Volt

Apex will also have the introduction of a new weapon in the sixth season: the Volt. The energy weapon, which has already been shown during the trailers, is a medium-fire submachine gun that differs by using energy ammunition.

As an energy weapon, bullets tend to reach a greater distance, and are easier to control than other submachine guns, such as R-99 and Alternator, their “rivals” in the game. Volt works with all accessories, including Energy Mags, which are coming back this season. The accessory serves to increase the loader capacity of any weapon that uses energy ammunition.

5. Same dubbing as Symmetra – Overwatch

Rampart’s character was voiced by actress Anjali Bhimani. Interestingly, Anjali was also responsible for voicing Overwatch’s character Symmetria. In addition to her work on TV series like The Sopranos, Law & Order and Modern Family, the actress still appears in games like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Fallout 4, Overwatch, and has now reached the Apex.


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