Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted, new trailer


Respawn shows in a gameplay trailer all the additions of Season 6 of Apex Legends: new season pass, new legend, Rampart, and crafting.

Season 6 of Apex Legends is just around the corner (in Spain it will begin on August 18) and that is why Respawn Entertainment has wanted to open its mouth with its first gameplay trailer. Called Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted, the season includes the usual new features such as a new Battle Pass and a new Legend. The latter is Rampart, “a skilled modder who made her name in the underground fight clubs.” A woman of arms to take the one who characterizes her appearance as a mechanic and the pink gum with which she is always blowing bubbles. Rampart comes with a very particular weapon: Sheila, a rifle that uses energy as its main ammunition and that, as can be read in the game’s wiki, helps you defend yourself from all the enemies you have earned.

Crafting comes to Apex

But Rampart is not the only protagonist of the video, nor are the new skins that are seen and that will come with the new season pass. Apex Legends Season 6 welcomes crafting, building. However, and contrary to what happens in Fortnite, where we can build all kinds of structures and buildings, in Apex Legends crafting has to do with our team. We can gather all kinds of materials on the map and use them to build something better. In the first gameplay, a kind of computer beacon appears in which we can exchange EVO points to get various improvements and power-ups. With this new function, for example, the turbo charger and energy mags return.

Fortnite, mired in controversy

And while Apex Legends underpins its Season 6, its great rival, Fortnite, has declared a war against Google and Apple. Well, more than Fortnite, its creators, the members of Epic Games. Both companies have withdrawn the famous battle royale from their stores on Android and iOS, so the game is no longer available for download on our iPhone, iPad and mobile phones. The reason? Broadly speaking, companies like Apple take 30% of the money generated by all the applications in their store, and Epic Games has implemented a system in Fortnite to get around that commission. By saving it, they can put a price up to 20% cheaper on their products, a reason that they have used in their defense and with which they have ingratiated themselves with the users. Epic has sued Apple and Google for their policies and for withdrawing the game, and while waiting for justice to decide, it has created an ad that mocks Apple and that, parodying that first and legendary Steve Jobs commercial, encourages that people to join the fight against big corporations. Will the #FreeFornite movement prevent this from becoming “1984”? Fasten your seatbelts because the battle has just begun.

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