Apex Legends Season 11, We Have Already Played. Titanfall’s Old Acquaintances And New Map


Apex Legends: We’ve already played Apex Legends Season 11, Evasion. Contents extracted from the Titanfall saga arrive, as well as a new unpublished map. Apex Legends is just a few days away from releasing its long-awaited Season 11. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale receives a wave of content that is something more special if possible. New map, elements taken from Titanfall 2 and certain adjustments that will improve the experience even more. At MeriStation we have already set foot on the beaches of Punto Tormenta for the first time.

Remember that Evasion, the eleventh thematic frame of Apex Legends, will be released next November 2 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Ash, an old acquaintance

The new legend who joins the squad will not go unnoticed by Titanfall 2 fans. Ash was one of the final bosses of the popular shooter’s campaign; Following his passing as a Titan pilot, this human-spirited robot extends his background to the rest of Apex Legends history. Horizon plays a key role in its transition to the steel body, as we have seen in its introductory video.

The team defines her as one of the “fan favorites” characters, which took weight when choosing her as the next legend. They reveal that it is interesting from a creative plane, since they can elaborate the whole background of a familiar face in 2016. They shape it, mold it in order to create a relevant figure within the universe. We are facing an implacable soldier, who takes advantage of his technological advantage in different ways: to receive information from the environment, hunt her prey and flee when the situation requires it. Her abilities offer flexibility, fitting at any stage of the game.

Her passive ability, Death Marker, can track the location of a legend’s assassins after scanning her death box. As soon as the scan is complete, the exact location of those players appears on the minimap. Naturally, the changes are not shown in real time, but the point where they were after using the tool. Things get interesting based on her tactical ability. If until now we could obtain information, now we can influence the performance of the enemies in full firefight. Throwing Trap is a kind of electrical shuriken that creates an electrified zone. All those who step on it will be slowed down for a short period of time.


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