Apex Legends Season 10: release date and new trailer with gameplay


Apex Legends: Seer, the new playable character of Apex Legends, is the protagonist of Season 10 of the popular battle royale. This is the first gameplay trailer for him. Apex Legends has shared the release date of Hatching, its tenth season. The popular battle royale will receive the new content framework on August 3 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch; compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. At the top of this piece you can see the first gameplay trailer of him.

What’s New in Season 10

The video, barely two and a half minutes long, brings us up to date on some elements of this season. Seer is the legend chosen to join the available roster. Although he hasn’t fully transcended his abilities, we know that his ult will revolve around a wave of drone locations.

“Seer, a visionary legend, relies on a cloud of microdrones to fight his way to victory,” explains the company in the official description of the video. “We are not lacking in chaos: because of overexploitation, End of the world collapses under the legends.” The map will show playable changes from the same launch day.

Among the novelties, the Rampage light machine gun stands out, a new weapon that converts end grenades into firepower. Weapon that will accompany the usual Battle Pass, loaded with cosmetics of all kinds. New adventures come to Apex Legends.

We must remind you that Seer is the result of Respawn Entertainment’s collaboration with illustrator, animator and director Robert Valley. This character is known for his work on hits like Love, Death & Robots, Pear Cider and Cigarrets, and Tron: Uprising, among others. The character is reminiscent of Cad Bane, a fearsome bounty hunter from the Star Wars license. The killer will have a hat, the final point to a suit reminiscent of space cowboys. He knows more information by clicking here.


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