Apex Legends Player Came Up with a New Passive Idea for Pathfinder


Each season, Apex Legends adds a new character to the game, and this gradually leads to an increase in strength. Each season is expected to introduce a character who changes meta, but this has led to characters like Valkyrie and the Seer who were incredibly strong on the first day. Now some characters are struggling to find their place in the meta, like Newcastle, but the power creep is worse for older characters.

Comparing the Apex Legends starter list with its additions since then shows a huge disparity in abilities, but perhaps nowhere is it worse than Pathfinder. On this day, one scout legend was the only one who could use the survey beacons and see the next ring, but since then this ability has been transferred to every scout character in Apex Legends. Pathfinder’s tactical ability cools down and is fully charged when it uses a survey beacon, but it’s not that much of a passive skill. As a result, Pathfinder has been hailed as one of the many characters like Crypto who have lackluster passive abilities that aren’t even worth considering as passive.

Many have been thinking about how these problems can be fixed, but in the case of Pathfinder, Redditor user Wicked-Death came up with a rather interesting concept. The essence of fan ideas is that they can often be suppressed, but this Tracker ability can be added to the other advantages of his passive skill and distinguish him from other scout legends. In short, the idea is that the Pathfinder and his team can see the first circle when falling at the beginning of the match.

Pathfinder Passive: The first ring is already scanned on the map at the beginning of each match, even before you leave the landing ship. No more running two miles to the first ring from the storm. from apexlegends

After all, with the way it works, it’s quite possible to land on the wrong side of the map and compete with other teams for the closing ring. It’s part of the game, but the Apex Legends squad with Pathfinder won’t have to worry about it with this ability. They could land in or near the ring and, at least early on, have a better position than the other teams. All this, of course, changes when the ring is closed, but for the Tracker it will be an even more convincing argument.

The fact is that Pathfinder has already become a popular legend, despite the lackluster passive. To some extent, this is due to his tactical and higher abilities, as well as the fact that the cheerful robot has a unique personality. This popularity may be one of the reasons why his passive skill hasn’t been addressed in Apex Legends yet, but hopefully Respawn will do something for the legend in the future.

Apex Legends is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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