Apex Legends, new trailer for the Nintendo Switch edition


Respawn Entertainment shows a new gameplay trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends. This is the battle royale in the hybrid.

Apex Legends returns to show unreleased gameplay from its version for Nintendo Switch. With launch on March 9, the port for the console will have all the functionalities available in the rest of the versions.

Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch: details and benefits

Those who join the free to play on Nintendo Switch will receive different bonuses with which to celebrate the arrival of the game. With Season 8 launched prior to its arrival, all players will have a 30-tier boost for free in the Battle Pass, as well as double experience within the first two weeks post-launch.

As usual, we will also have an exclusive look, this time legendary. Pathfinder will dress as P.A.T.H., a red-and-white model that uses the colors of the hybrid. The development of this version is carried out by Panic Button, who has made the appropriate optimizations to fit the shooter to the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Chad Grenier, Game Director for Apex Legends, shared his excitement at having come true: “We are very proud of what the team has accomplished with some clever optimizations so that the migration to Switch can deliver a full and complete Apex Legends experience. laptop”. Grenier calls it “quite an achievement.”

So far it has not transcended resolution and framerate. What we do know is that we will have to install it on a microSD. The download requires at least 30 GB, although in the description of the game they point out that the final storage may change. Despite this possible scenario, the free 25.9 GB of internal storage remains fair for Apex Legends: anyway, you must expand the capacity if you want to play it.

For its part, Apex Legends is squarely in Season 8, which brought a new legend, the repeating rifle, and more. Find out what’s new here.


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