Apex Legends Mobile is a reality: free to play for iOS and Android with beta for spring


Apex Legends Mobile: Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts Announce Full Details for Mobile Exclusive Version; available this year after its testing phase.Apex Legens: Mobile is already a reality; so much so, that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have presented the first details of a title that had been announced for a long time, confirming both its definitive title and its business model, totally independent of the version already available on PC and consoles although maintaining all its main characteristics. “It is a new version of Apex Legends, which remains faithful to the original,” say its creators. In addition, a beta version on Android has been announced for this spring with the aim of launching the app in its final version this year.

The mobile version of Apex Legends is coming

Thus, Apex Legends: Mobile is a version of Apex Legends specially designed for mobile devices by Respawn Entertainment together with developers specialized in mobile games. Its own touch interface has been designed with optimized controls in order to offer the best possible control on touch screens of such popular battle royale.

Apex Legends: Mobile will follow the free to play business model, although it will not offer cross-play or cross-play with the PC and console version, since it will bet on its own ecosystem. It will also have its own battle passes, unlockable items such as unique cosmetics only present in this version.

It is expected that this spring a test or beta phase will be launched on Android, initially, only for markets such as the Philippines or India, to extend this beta to other territories progressively until it reaches the whole world together with the version for iOS . “At the beginning it will be small, with only a few thousand players in India and the Philippines, but throughout this year we plan to bring the game to more regions and more players around the world”, detail those responsible for the next test phase. of the game.

Its managers call us to future news about this new version for mobile phones and the one already available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch


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