Apex Legends legend Rampart’s skills


Respawn reveals the abilities that Rampart will have, the new legend of Apex Legends that will arrive at the beginning of season 6. Build and survive.

Apex Legends is on the exit ramp to start its season 6. The new stage of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale features Rampart, the new face that joins the roster of legends. We know exactly what skills you will have once August 18 arrives.

Rampart skills

Rampart, like the rest of the legends in Apex Legends, will have an active ability, a passive and a definitive one. His trade as a modder allows him to harness the potential of machine gun weapons scattered across the map, as well as being able to build elements that help him survive.

Tactical ability | Ampex Coverage – Build an ampex wall that deploys full coverage that blocks incoming shots and amplifies outgoing shots.

Passive ability | Modified Magazine – Expands the magazine capacity and increases speed when reloading when using light machine guns and the minigun.

Ultimate Skill | Minigun “Sheila” – Place a mounted machine gun with high ammo capacity, but with a long reload time, that anyone can use.

Mixing cover with her ultimate seems to be the winning combination when using Rampart. Its passive also affects light machine guns that use energy, so you can diversify your strategy when handling it. Aim to be a perfect legend for the last circles, as you can extend the survival of the group thanks to its walls. We do not know at this time what the skill’s refresh rate will be and if it will have limitations in the number of deployable coverages.

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Apex Legends season 6 goes beyond her. Crafting will be included and many areas of the End of the World map will be modified. Everything is ready to take the next step in the battle royale, which surpassed its first anniversary at the beginning of the year.


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