Apex Legends: Legacy Adds Frantic Mode and Flying Character


Apex Legends: After 3 months, Apex Legends will receive a new season on May 4th. Baptized as Legacy, it comes with the objective of being the biggest launched so far, with a new legend, mode, weapon and modification in some maps. We played and here are our impressions.

Score between six

The main novelty is the Arena mode, a competitive 3×3 that puts players to face each other in better matches than 9 and time limit on clippings of the maps present in Battle Royale mode

It is possible to use any of the 17 legends of the game and buy equipment for the battle, in the same scheme as Valorant, but it is necessary to acquire weapons, items and powers at the beginning of each round, same and win, which facilitates the change of strategy of a confrontation for the other.

Arena is extremely fun and dynamic, focusing on frantic gameplay that is often lacking in Battle Royale mode. The variety of equipment and legends make each match unpredictable, depending on the skill and strategy of the teams.

It is a bird? Is it a plane?

The new character added is called Valkyrie, the daughter of the famous Titan Titan Viper pilot, known to Titanfall 2 players. Its main mechanic is a jet pack that allows the player to reach higher places with greater ease as well as being able to observe the map. above, giving a certain strategic advantage.

But it was very well balanced by the development team. Her equipment makes an extremely loud noise, delivering her position and possibly the entire team, while having no way to shoot with her weapons while flying, only using a set of missiles (which is no small thing).

Due to the fun provided and the various strategies that are possible with it, Valkyrie has a great chance of affecting the goal of the game, requiring that players understand well how it works, whether to use it or face it.

It does not stop there

In addition, the game brings two other interesting news. The first is the new weapon, which is nothing less than a bow! Among its advantages, there is the recovery of the arrows shot and its very high damage, but it is necessary to have a very good aim and manage your ammunition, since there is no way to get more by alternative means. The second is updates on maps that have new areas and drop points, which can change the dynamics of the matches and the locomotion of the teams.

The Legacy Season of Apex Legends will be available on May 4th completely free of charge for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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