Apex Legends, Knockout City and More Suffer Network Drops; EA Investigates it


The servers of the main Electronic Arts games, such as Apex Legends or Knockout City, suffer a drop in the network. They are investigating it.Apex Legends, Knockout City, Titanfall, and more Electronic Arts games are reporting connection problems today, August 18, 2021. Players have been warning of a server crash in the last few hours, but they are still down.

From the North American company they call for calm. In response to an official Knockout City tweet, Electronic Arts commented that these issues were “also causing connection errors in other” of their titles. “We will let you know when we know more,” they conclude. The team is currently investigating the case.

Apex Legends welcomes Season 10

Seer was the main protagonist of the content added as part of Apex Legends Season 10. The Battle Royale gave way to a champion that allowed to track the scene thanks to the swarm of drones from him. Some users have explained in social networks that the champion is too unbalanced in power compared to other current faces. In future patches his power will be corrected.

You should be aware of some of the changes they made to other legends in early August. We leave you with the main points below.

Fuse: Enemies within the ultimate’s ring of fire will now reveal themselves to the squad. | Tactical explosion increases its duration by 100%. | The passive can be activated or deactivated to launch the artillery correctly.

Horizon: Reduced the slow after launching the initial black hole. | The thrust of the gravitational elevator is adjusted to values ​​between update 9.1 and legacy.

Revenant: There is now a visual and audible warning for all players when the death totem protection is about to end. | Added a short notice when the death totem is required again.

Caustic: Gas damage starts at 5, increases by 1 every tick indefinitely. | Tactic refresh time reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds. | Ultimate ability refresh rate reduced from 3.5 minutes to 3 minutes. Duration reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.