Apex Legends is finally coming to Nintendo Switch


Apex Legends, the youngest member of the “Battle Royal” games, which has increased its popularity in recent years, is coming to Nintendo Switch after a long time. The game, which will have the same features as cross-play and all other versions, will be accessible on Switch starting March 9.

The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends, announced by developer firm Electronic Arts, has been awaited by gamers for a long time. The game, which brings the action of “Battle Royal” with its science-fiction style, continues to host a considerable mass of players.

Speaking as part of the version released for Nintendo Switch, Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier evaluates the issue as follows; “The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends is cross-platform, featuring our latest seasonal content and full feature similarity to other versions of the game.”

In addition, let us remind you that Apex Legends was launched in early 2019 and the Switch version was announced in June of last year.

In addition, as the Switch version of the game will be released shortly after the eighth season, which is released today, EA will make an extra move in order not to victimize Switch players.

In this context, EA said, “As we release a few weeks after the start of the eighth season, Switch players will be given 30 free tiers for the eighth season battle passes. In the first two weeks after launch, playing on Switch will earn you double XP. ” made the statement.


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