Apex Legends introduces a new Maya gaming legend


Recently, Respawn and EA have achieved great success with their Apex Legends battle royale game. The seasonal model has proven to be very successful, as new content continues to appear every few months, as well as in the form of small updates and time-limited modes, such as the recent anime-inspired Gaiden event. As season 13 comes to an end, Apex Legends fans are looking forward to what’s next in the game, both in terms of updates, game modes, and new heroes.

As the popular mobile version received exclusive heroes like Faze and Rhapsody, many players wondered when the mainstream version of Apex Legends would follow suit. In fact, fans saw the legend of season 14 much earlier than Respawn would have liked, largely thanks to various sources of information, as well as carefully placed teasers from the official Apex Legends Twitter account. As many assumed, the next game legend is known as Vantage, whose arrival will take place in the 14th season.

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The official confirmation came from the latest trailer for Stories from the Outlands by Apex Legends. They are released periodically and focus on a specific person or group in a larger universe, providing fans with more details and information about who these characters are and what their motivations are for participating in Apex Games. The last story is dedicated to Mara Contreras, known as Vantage, who grew up on a barren icy planet called Pagos and trained in ways to survive in the unforgiving desert.

The latest animated trailer for Stories from the Outlands tells how Mara stumbles upon a downed ship called G.D.S. Vantage and attempts to learn about the wreckage from her mother Xenia. Since her mother is unwilling to reveal any details, Mara enters the ship on her own, discovering both the technology and the fact that her mother was not actually born on the planet and was once a prisoner aboard the ship. As the ship’s computers mistake Mara for her Mother, she miraculously escapes from the collapsing ship along with her new companion animal Echo.

Respawn promised more information about both Season 14: Hunted and the new Vantage hero before the launch of the latest update. Fans can already glean a few potential abilities with what appears to be a scanning device that knows how to handle sniper weapons, as well as her companion Echo. Ultimately, the Vantage disclosure coincided with a massive information leak that occurred earlier this year. Nine new Apex Legends characters have been revealed, including already confirmed characters such as Newcastle and Vantage. While there is still a lot to be done before the leak can be considered accurate, the start is certainly going well.

Apex Legends is already available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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