Apex Legends Gets 2 Things Players Want Most


Trying to reach its former popularity again, Apex Legends finally gets two things that players have long wanted. Starting on April 7, players will have permanent Duos mode and Kings Canyon map.

Launched in February of last year and reaching millions of players instantly, Apex Legends continues to actively participate in the game world today. Even though the game did not achieve the peak period it had experienced in its early days, it does not stop offering new things to the players.

Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends, announced the innovations to be added to the game today. According to the announcement by the developer company, Apex Legends has finally achieved a game mode and a map that players have always wanted but never achieved.

Apex Legends permanently reunited with Kings Canyon and Duos:
Kings Canyon, the first map of Apex Legends, is permanently added to the game, according to the announcement by Respawn Entertainment. Moreover, the company does this as before, without deleting the old map. So players entering the game in Apex Legends will have a chance to play randomly on one of the two maps.

Another novelty to come to the game is the game modes section. Duos, which Apex Legends players wanted for a long time and obtained from time to time for a limited time, will now be a permanent game mode in the game. The permanent Duos game mode and Kings Canyon map will take its place in the game starting April 7.

In addition to all these innovations, Apex Legends is coming with an event that will last from April 7 to April 21. Introduced under the name ‘The Old Ways’, the new event is focused on the beloved character Bloodhound. With the new event, players will have the opportunity to hunt predators roaming the World’s Edge map and leave their prey with better equipment.

Of course, Respawn Entertainment warns players about one thing: Players hunting on the World’s Edge map can become targets by other players while they kill other monsters during the hunt. So if you want to be a hunter, your eyes have to be in both monsters and players.


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