Apex Legends: Full Night of Combat Update Notes


Evening of Combat, the new Apex Legends event, is accompanied by changes and corrections to the game experience. Full patch notes.

Respawn has it all set to kick off the first major Apex Legends themed event in 2021. Called Evening of Combat, players will see the entry of new playable content and cosmetics. As usual, each new frame is accompanied by changes and adjustments in the game experience. It will begin next January 6 at 05:00 CET.

The Combat Evening update has the main goal of putting Caustic where the studio wants him to be. They acknowledge that the gas expert Nox needs “a little compensation” following the removal of the gas blurring effect after the arrival of Season 7. On the other hand, Rampart continues to need improvements that increase its overall potential. Then we leave you with the complete notes.

Full Battle Evening Notes in Apex Legends – Changes and Fixes


Rampart: Extended coverage reduces your cooldown from 35 seconds to 20 seconds.

Caustic: Nox Gas Trap reduces its cooldown from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.


Hemlok: reduced damage from 22 to 20.

Mastiff – 3rd and 4th pellets have been scattered to reduce the maximum range of 4 pellet shots (from 7.5 degrees to 10).

Prowler: Increased the number of reserve bullets from 175 to 210.

Quality of life

Ultimate Accelerators can be used without opening inventory. If you don’t have it available and you have an accelerator, when you activate it, you will automatically use one.

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When you are at the meeting point, if a team member leaves, all members will be flagged to indicate they are not ready. This will prevent accidental start of the game if the correct players are not present.

Added Mark All As Viewed button.

If you mark the nearest respawn beacon from spectator mode, the nearest beacon will always be marked unless you don’t have enough time to use it before the ring encloses it.

Now it is indicated how many treasure boxes are needed to acquire the next comic page.

If available, Caustic will knock down the doors with the Relic Hammer instead of his leg.

We have added information to the friend search box to describe a situation where you may not be able to search for your friend due to their EA account settings.


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