Apex Legends, closer and closer to Nintendo Switch


The North American age regulatory body certifies the publication of the free video game from EA and Respawn Entertainment.

ESRB, the United States age rating system, has classified Apex Legends in its version for Nintendo Switch, so we are getting closer and closer to the launch of the successful title from EA and Respawn Entertainment on the hybrid platform. Confirmed during the EA Play last June, this version is being developed expressly for the Nintendo console, which will benefit from advantages such as cross play between platforms.

Although EA did not specify an exact release date for the game, which will maintain its free-to-play nature (free game with purchases and integrated microtransactions), they did say that it would be released in the fall both on Switch and on computer through Steam, after passing through Origin. In this way, before the end of December we should have Apex Legends available in the eShop.

Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch “in fall” 2020

Chad Grenier, studio director, said he was very satisfied with how things were progressing with the Nintendo hardware; both graphically and in gameplay aspects; in fact, they are working to make the game compatible with motion controls from day one. Currently we do not know the resolution and FPS rate that this long-awaited edition will have, which will be the only one that can be played in portable mode.

Apex Legends, which has more than 70 million players around the world, is available for free under a free to play business model on PS4, Xbox One and PC through the Origin launcher. You can check here the news of Season 6. Also, we invite you to know all the details and patch notes of the Aftermarket event, which is now available on all platforms.

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