Apex Legends Can Come to PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch


Electronic Arts is preparing to take Apex Legends to new platforms. The popular battle royal game can come to Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch platform with PlayStation 5, the next generation consoles of Sony and Microsoft.

After the announcement of the third quarter financial report, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announced his future plans for one of the publisher’s most popular games during his meeting with investors. The battle royal game Apex Legends, developed by Respawn, continues to rise and performs better than before in each new season.

Andrew Wilson has confirmed that the successful battle royal game, which will begin Season 4 soon, will be released in 2020 on new platforms and new regions. It’s not clear exactly what the EA CEO means with ‘new platforms’, but we can make some predictions. Apex Legends can also be released on Valve’s platform after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has had great success with the Steam version.

Apex Legends will appear on new platforms; but where?
On the other hand, Apex Legends’ new generation consoles, which will be released at the end of the year, can also come to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Of course, Nintendo’s handheld console Switch is also among the possibilities. EA is not very productive on Nintendo’s platform and only releases small-scale games. During the meeting, Andrew Wilson stated that Switch versions perform extremely well and players love the platform.

Mobile platforms are also among the possibilities, but on the side we approach with suspicion. The most successful games of the Battle royal genre, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, continue their successful progress on smartphones. However, PUBG chose to release different versions to different mobile devices due to its upcoming PC experience. Apex Legends is likely to face similar obstacles.

Finally, Wilson confirmed that Apex Legends will be released in China this year. EA is trying to reach one of the fastest developing markets in the world with Apex Legends and esports initiatives. It is not yet announced when the game will be released in China.


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