Apex Legends Aftermarket Event: Patch Notes


Apex Legends receives a new update on the occasion of the Aftermarket event. The beta of the crossover game arrives at the success of Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends changes the rules of the game with the Aftermarket Collection event. The update that it will bring will incorporate new elements that will deepen not only the behavior of the available legends, but also the social possibilities within their community. The battle royale bets on cross-play between all the versions where it is available.

  • For this reason, we collect the complete update notes, which will be available from this October 6.

Apex Legends, Aftermarket Collection Event – Full Patch Notes

Crossplay beta

  • During the cross-play beta, players will have full access to the functionality while Respawn Entertainment collects data, tests the scale of the feature, and collects user feedback.

Aftermarket Collection Event

  • Limited game mode, called Flashpoint. It is played in the Canyon of the Kings. All healing items are removed in favor of areas on the map that regenerate both health and armor energy.
  • 24 cosmetic items from the collection inspired by the event.
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