Apartment: 1000 Euro bonus to help move!


The government and Action Logement will soon pay a 1000 euros bonus to help young people with their first apartment!

Are you under 25, working and need a boost with your first apartment? So you are undoubtedly concerned by the new housing aid planned for young workers.

The health crisis is hitting students but also young workers! In fact, some find it very difficult to find a job. Ouch! But one of the main difficulties encountered by young people is that of settling in a first apartment.

And for good reason, leaving the family nest and moving into accommodation often entails a lot of expense. Despite everything, good news from the government has just fallen! Phew!

Indeed, the Minister in charge of Housing Emmanuelle Wargon announced on LCI that the government and the organization Action Logement will set up a bonus of 1,000 euros to help young people settle in their first apartment. Just that !

Emmanuelle Wargon therefore clarified that a young “who is starting out in professional life, with an employment contract will have the right to help with settling in for his first home, his first lease”. He concludes: “It is essential to support the economy. In an exceptional situation, truly exceptional responses ”.

But what conditions must be met to benefit from this new aid? And what are the steps to be taken?


To benefit from this assistance of 1000 euros for your apartment, you must therefore meet three conditions. According to Action Logement, a total of 30,000 young people should benefit from this brand new aid. So a lot of people!

First of all, therefore, you will need to be under 25. However, there is no age limit for young people on work-study, apprenticeship or professional contracts. Phew!

Then you will need to have an employment contract. CDI, CDD or even interim, it doesn’t matter. All types of contracts will be accepted. And finally, you will have to earn a net salary lower than “1,300-1,400 euros per month”. Which is not uncommon at this age!

Your request must be made online on the Action Logement website. Easy ! But you will then have to complete a file and send the supporting documents requested. It’s already less funny!

Your request must also be made a maximum of three months after the lease for your apartment takes effect. So be careful not to do it at the last moment!

The Housing Action teams will therefore study your file within 4 to 6 weeks before giving you a feedback. You can then benefit from 1,000 euros for your apartment! Enough to do good for the wallet and give a little balm to the heart in this very complicated period for young people.