AOC Introduces 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Agon AG273QZ


AOC, a brand that produces player equipment, introduced the player monitor, which is 27 inches in size and offers a screen refresh rate of 240 Hz. You can browse our article to get the price and features of Agon AG273QZ.

AOC, known for its equipment for gamers, introduced the 35-inch curved player monitor AOC Agon AG353UCG last week. While it has not been over a week since this monitor, the company has now introduced its new monitor, Agon AG273QZ, which is smaller and more appealing to more people.

Offering a smaller, flat screen compared to the previous monitor, the new monitor uses a 27 inch QHD 2560×1440 pixel TN panel. TN screens known for their fast refresh and response times; It is subject to some criticism in terms of color diversity, contrast and viewing angle features, but it should not be forgotten that many companies prefer this panel on their player monitors.

What does AOC Agon AG273QZ offer?
The monitor has 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs on the back, however, it has 2 DisplayPort 1.4 inputs and a USB module. This USB module provides 4 ports for USB 3.2 (1st Generation). In addition to these, there are 2 5 W stereo speakers, microphone input and headphone output on the monitor.

AOC, which is highly experienced in the monitor business, offers AOC Game Color, AOC Shadow Control and six more game modes, three of which are customizable, with Agon player monitors. Users can access these features using AOC’s latest OSD interface or G-Menu OSD Software software.

How much does AOC Agon AG273QZ cost?
Sending an email to Hexus, a UK-based technology review site, AOC says the recommended selling price for Agon AG273QZ, which will be released later this month, is 769 euros (5.129 TL).

Technical specifications of the 27 inch AOC Agon AG273QZ:
Size: 27 inches
Panel: TN
Resolution: 2650×1440 pixels (QHD)
Refresh rate range: DP1.4 to 48/240 Hz
Sync: FreeSync
Response time: 0.5 ms
Maximum brightness: 400 nits
Static contrast: 1000: 1
Viewing angle: 170 / 160º
HDR: VESA DisplayHDR 400
Other features: Flicker-free, Low blue light mode


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