AOA Mine Emergency Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt


Former AOA member Mina caused great concern among her fans when she was hospitalized in an emergency after an alleged suicide attempt. What happened to her?

Mina, a former AOA member, managed to cause a great uproar and concern among her fans by being hospitalized in an emergency after an alleged suicide attempt, where the singer posted a series of controversial messages indicating her intention to take her own life.

Let’s remember that Mina has been going through one of the most complicated moments of her life, where she has revealed a series of abuses that she suffered during her participation in the musical group AOA and by Jimin.

Apparently this situation continues to seriously affect the singer, who recently worried her fans by sharing a series of messages where she hinted that she would take her own life.

Did AOA’s Mina attempt suicide?

It is worth mentioning that this suicide note published on her social networks, was accompanied by an alarming photograph where it was appreciated how she had seriously injured her wrists with the intention of taking her own life.

In this controversial note, Mina not only said goodbye to her relatives, but also mentioned some of the people who have affected her the most in her life, blaming them for her misery and for reaching this terrible situation of not wanting to live.

“I don’t want to leave without venting. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, Kim Seolhyun, live well. My mother, my older sister and my family will cry through no fault of their own and without being able to do something about it “

They were part of the controversial words of the former AOA member, where she also made reference to an alleged fraud committed during her artistic career, emphasizing that these problems have destroyed her emotionally.

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“Know well that these people are garbage to the point that I can’t even tell everything they did, to the point of leading a sane person to suicide”

As expected, this publication caused great concern among her followers, who quickly began to report what happened. It only took a few minutes for the emergency service to reach MIna’s house to save her from a fatal fate.


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