“Anything with Jennifer Aniston…” — Millie Bobby Brown Responds to One Sequel in Which She Would Gladly Star


The sequel to Brown’s “Enola Holmes” has apparently become a hit! And while Millie Bobby Brown is busy promoting her three successful dramas, people are already offering her more and more. The 18-year-old first found fame almost a decade ago when she first appeared as a little girl with telekinetic abilities in the flagship Netflix fantasy series. Since then, she has only been striving to reach great heights and achieve all this.

For those who are too busy in the modern world, Enola Holmes 2 finally sees the main character take up her first case and help her client solve the mystery of her missing sister. On the journey, she finds both romance and adventure, and even gets into and sticks her nose into the case of her older brother, Sherlock Holmes, and, perhaps, comes out smarter than a detective. Is she successful in her endeavors? You can only find out by streaming the sequel only on Netflix.

In addition, while detective avatar Brown is busy proving that he is the best detective of the 80s, Millie herself is busy appearing in interviews and commercials so that her production debut will be successful. And it looks like she already has sequels to several famous dramas!

Millie Bobby Brown is obviously ready to do anything for Jennifer Aniston.

With the second part of her detective novel, which is now being broadcast on the OTT platform, Millie appeared in an intriguing interview with Josh Hurwitz from Comedy Central. What the presenter did was introduce her to several fan-favorite sequels, photoshopping the posters in a rather fun way.

While she was passing by some and receiving others, when the poster “F.R.E.N.I.mi.e.s. (continuation of “Friends”)” was shown on the screen, the youth icon jumped up with excitement and said: “I like it!” continuing: “By the way, everything for Jennifer Aniston. So I’m sold.”

She then sarcastically comments on the poor quality of photoshop, but then forgives Hurwitz for it. Surprisingly, Aniston’s character in Millie’s favorite sitcom is something the British actress claims she will envy forever.

Would you like to see Millie Bobby Brown as a resident of New York University or a “crazy” neighbor along with Jennifer Aniston in the sequel “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”? Let us know in the comments below.


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