AnyCryptoStock: cryptocurrency exchange launched


This Monday (18) happened a historic moment for cryptocurrency investors: the launch of the first stock exchange authorized to list Crypto Stocks issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation. It is a decentralized exchange (broker), that is, a P2P platform that uses the power of blockchain for fast and secure transactions.

In addition to trading Crypto Stocks, it is also possible to buy shares of the most important companies, listed in the form of ERC20 tokens, digital assets of the Ethereum network, at AnyCryptoStock. Thus, all Crypto Stocks issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Coca-Cola, are paired with stablecoin USxD, a cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar.

Any CryptoStock’s operation is in line with the Crypto Stock Foundation’s philosophy of offering CryptoStocks as an investment option accessible to everyone, allowing for 24/7 trading, even though traditional financial markets (for which Crypto prices Stocks are linked) are closed.

How to operate at AnyCryptoStock?

To trade at AnyCryptoStock, the user simply signs up, deposits Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), exchange for USxD, and start trading shares with cryptocurrencies. You can buy an entire share or just a fraction, which characterizes AnyCryptoStock’s “democratic” vocation, like any blockchain.

Acquired stablecoins (USxD), together with stocks in cryptocurrencies, can be stored in any type of wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard. AnyCryptoStock’s priority is user security: as it is decentralized, the platform does not collect or store personal data, funds, seeds, passwords or any credentials, which guarantees protection against attacks or theft.

According to experts, the creation of this scholarship represents a rupture in the world of traditional finance.

What AnyCryptoStock does in practice is to eliminate the figure of the intermediary, offering everyone, regardless of their investment budget, the possibility to trade shares of major world companies in the comfort of their home, quickly and safely, in addition to guaranteeing access exclusive to your funds.


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