Anya Taylor-Joy, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Discover the list of celebrities who made us dream throughout this year 2020! To end 2020 in style, the editor of melty has decided to spread a little well-deserved positivity.

After a very complicated year due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world, it’s time for some news that really puts a smile on your face. After a look back at all the births that have taken place in Hollywood, we invite you to discover the stars who have made us dream these last twelve months. From Zendaya to Harry Styles to Anya Taylor-Joy, here is the list of celebrities who have marked the year, in addition to impressing us with their talent, their courage and their self-confidence.

You couldn’t miss this huge success on Netflix. In October 2020, the series Le Jeu de la dame landed on the platform and created a real stir on the Web. Viewers around the world fell under the spell of Elizabeth, this little orphan who became a chess champion in the 1960s. A character brilliantly embodied by Anya Taylor-Joy, who had already been seen in the movie Split. If we already knew how talented the actress was, she made everyone agree with her flawless performance. One thing is certain, the pretty blonde 24 years old marked the year and we can not wait to see what she has in store.


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