Anxious Rihanna: her father is positive for the coronavirus


Rihanna was very scared! The coronavirus strikes the whole world, up to the island of Barbados … Her father caught the Covid-19!

Big concern for Rihanna ! The singer sees the coronavirus touching the United States … But also Barbados, her island of origin. There, her father contracted the virus . But he is better…

Rihanna doesn’t stop. The singer tries to help the world in the face of Coronavirus. She donated money to the city of New York . But also on the Island of Barbados, where her dad still lives …

It must be said that the Caribbean Island quickly suffered the virus. Among the people affected, the singer’s father caught him. A big stress for the star , who helped her father as much as she could.

Rihanna and her father have not always had a relationship. But when Ronald Fenty contracts the coronavirus, his daughter does not let go. ” She watched me every day “, he explains to the Sun .

Her dad thus seems very grateful … But also very touched by the episode of coronavirus. “I had a fever in the nose … I thought I was dying, honestly . ” A very hard moment …

But that allowed Rihanna to take care of her family . “I have to say, I love you very much Robyn ,” he continues. She did a lot for me. I thank her for everything she has done. ”

Monitored in the Paragon isolation center, her father had the chance to recover … “I want everyone to stay at home. The situation is serious, more than people think. ”

Rihanna can breathe , her dad is better. She gave him a lot of love, and also a lot of help … So she bought her father a respirator when he started coughing …

An episode hard to live, therefore. But an episode to bring Ronald and his daughter closer … There remains a watchword, given together by the star and her father. “Stay at home, please!” “


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