Anvisa prohibits Zoom app among employees for security breaches


The use of the Zoom application for videoconferences between employees of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) is prohibited as of this Monday (6). The action was taken after the program has been subject to several privacy breaches in the past few days, with many users having their remote meetings hacked and data stolen.

In a statement sent to the servers, last Saturday (4), the agency warns that the flaws in Zoom facilitate unauthorized access to video calls. In addition, such vulnerabilities can allow theft of the user and password, among other confidential data.

With that, Anvisa recommended to its collaborators the immediate uninstallation of the program, removing it from cell phones, tablets and computers, also changing passwords. In place of him, the entity suggests using Microsoft Teams to hold videoconferences and meetings over the internet.

According to the agency, the measure was taken after contacts with cybersecurity experts from international forums, who pointed out serious flaws in Zoom, putting users of the app at risk.

Invasion of privacy

With the social distance that has taken over the planet in recent weeks, to try to stop the spread of the disease caused by the coronavirus, millions of people have chosen Zoom as one of the tools to keep in touch with co-workers in the home office. It supports up to 1,000 people in online meetings, in addition to offering several features.

But such popularity also ended up attracting the attention of attackers, who are exploiting vulnerabilities in the videoconferencing app to access other people’s meeting cameras and microphones. In addition to the invasions of video calls, there are reports of theft of login data and information related to the subjects covered in the calls.

Because of this, many people and companies have been looking for alternatives to the Zoom app, until these flaws, already admitted by the creator of the tool, are corrected.


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