Anvil Saga: How to save the game


Unfortunately, the loss of all progress in Anvil Saga becomes a regular complaint. Considering how many hours it takes to start the forge, this is a considerable inconvenience. This is enough to force gamers to close the game until the bugs are fixed.

But instead of completely abandoning Anvil Saga, try these tips. Some players do not realize that they can only be saved after a certain point in time and refuse to save. Others assume that some kind of auto-save function will save them. At the moment, this is how to actually save the game and all that valuable progress.

Move to France

By the time the game is fully released, Anvil Saga can be considered one of the best simulation games ever rated. It covers a lifetime and covers an important historical war. Players who want to save money in the early stages are out of luck.

Players must complete training and complete a move to England before being allowed to save. This time with the father and the initial choice of an expensive stone should be completed first. If these options don’t work, just restart the whole game.

Saving the game

Exit key > “SAVE GAME”

After moving to France, the narrator will tell the player that he is starting with some basics in a new country. Now, finally, the game can be saved and loaded from most points in time. Please note that there are points that are not taken into account when saving points.

Moments of making important decisions will not allow players to avoid them. The good advice here is that if the screen is re-centered on the blacksmith, save very quickly. Thus, if the solution turns out to be far from ideal, gamers will be able to easily reload the save from the moment the guest comes and makes an order.

Anvil Saga is available in early access for PC.