Antonio Banderas Can’t Trust Jamie King Codenamed Banshee [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant can exclusively present an excerpt from the new action movie “Code Name Banshee”, which will be released in theaters on July 1 and will be available simultaneously on demand. The new film stars Antonio Banderas (far from his cute image of Puss in Boots and closer to his origin in action movies) and Jamie King (Black Summer) in the role of murderers who, after a long time, must join forces.

The film “Code Name Banshee” was directed by John Kees (“Rogue Hostage”), and the script was written by Matthew Rogers, who worked with Keyes on “Survivor”. The film tells about Caleb (Banderas), a former government assassin in hiding, who learns from his protégé Banshee (the king) that there is a huge bounty on his head, and one of their enemies is trying to get it.

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In the exclusive clip of Screen Rant, tension heats up when a Banshee enters Caleb’s bar, and they look at each other with suspicion and the warmth of an old but destroyed friendship. The Banshee pulls back the blinds as requested, and Caleb reaches for his weapon and puts it on the counter as a sign of respect and caution in equal measure. Watch a clip from Code Name Banshee by watching the embedded video.

The air seems to clear up when Banshee explains that she is not going to kill her former mentor, but she has information about his $10 million reward and who wants to get it: the mercenary Anthony Green. Caleb is currently confident in her sincerity, but viewers will have to watch “Code Name Banshee” on July 1 to find out if their restored partnership can withstand all the pressure that will surely be thrown at them.

As you can see from the poster shown below, the “Banshee Codename” is largely focused on the dynamics between Caleb and the Banshee and the distrust that has arisen between them after many years of no contact. But with the killer forces chasing them, they have no choice but to let each other’s guard down. “Code Name Banshee” also starred Tommy Flanagan (“Wild West World”, “Sons of Anarchy”) as a deadly mercenary after Caleb and Katherine Davis (“Run, Hide, Fight”, “Special Forces”) as Caleb’s daughter Haley, who teams up with her father and Banshee.

Among other recent films Screen Media is a tense movie “The Monster” starring Nick Vallelonga and Christina Ricca, as well as “Gold” with Zac Efron and writer–director Anthony Hayes as two vagabonds separated by greed. Last week they released a tense thriller “The Good Neighbor”, which tells about the terrible consequences of how a journalist (Luke Kleintank) and his neighbor Robert (Jonathan Rhys Myers) hit a girl on her bike and left her for dead.

The duration of Code Name Banshee is 93 minutes, the rating has not yet been assigned.