Antonela Roccuzzo teaches how she prepares for Leo and is brutal


Match days in which both Antonela and Thiago, Ciro and Mateo have prepared to go to the Camp Nou stadium there have been many, many already. This is more than usual and therefore yesterday could have been another day at the office. For Leo Messi it was on the pitch, making a great game and marking another hack trick for his extensive collection.

What made this day not one more for the Messi Roccuzzo family? To start, not every day one picks up a golden ball, that is clear. And much less does it having another five already in the buchaca. Yesterday Leo Messi received his sixth golden ball, there is nothing. Never has a player in the modern and ancient history of football managed to collect so many gold balls. There are two images that perfectly define what it costs to achieve what Leo has achieved: one of Leo 10 years ago collecting his first golden ball with his brothers and the other Leo collecting the ball yesterday with his three children. Life passes but Leo continues to collect gold balls.

For all this the day was not normal nor one more and Antonela knew that. We do not know if this was the only thing that influenced or that but Rosario uploaded to her IG a photo where she is seen working in the gym before going to the game. Antonela, unlike other women of Barça players, does not usually upload photos practicing sports and that is why he has been even more surprised that he does so on such a day. Anyway, it is something very positive and that has also received the messages of encouragement from other WAGs of the Barcelona Football Club.


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