How did Antonela Roccuzzo get everyone in photo?


How did Antonela Roccuzzo get everyone in photo? Lionel Messi’s wife shudders with tenderness with this image.

In family, the selfie is better and Antonela Rocuzzo did so with her 3 small children and although Lionel Messi is only missing, photography is a success on the net, because it transmits a family warmth that enchants and captivates all users and fans.

In the image that the beautiful brunette uploaded to her Instagram profile is the whole clan of puppies: Thiago Messi, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo. Together they look very happy and relaxed, the youngest seems to have not resisted laughter and not even the pacifier could avoid it.

The young businesswoman Rosario is usually news and headline many headlines, the popularity pursues her as well as the star of football.

It can not be denied that Antonella is very beautiful, and not for nothing has on her Instagram account more than 11 million fans.

Whether for her husband Lionel Messi, for her adorable children, or for her stunning beauty, Antonela Roccuzzo will continue to stand out in social media making her fans all happy.

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