Antonela Roccuzzo Broke Down And Acknowledged The Separation


Antonela Roccuzzo broke down and acknowledged the separation: “I thank life”. Lionel Messi’s wife suffers distance.

Rosario is one of the women with the greatest influence in the world due to her husband’s incalculable fame, and everything she does will always be on everyone’s lips. For this reason she is very jealous about the information she shares on social networks, although this time she could not avoid it.

Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi met being very small in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe. After a long time of comings and goings they finally sealed her love and she settled permanently in Barcelona to accompany the player.

Leo has the support of his family in Spain, since since he began his career at the Catalan club, his parents and brothers moved with him. But Antonela has no such luck and had to leave her parents, sisters and friends forever in her hometown. Every so often she shows on her social networks, how much she misses them or greets them for their birthdays.

The truth is that Antonela suffers uprooting but could make new friends who accompany her in this new stage of her life. As for example Sol Balbi, the wife of Luis Suárez, Lionel Messi’s partner in Barcelona, but without a doubt his better half is Daniella Seeman, the wife of Catalan Cesc Fábregas.

During the passage of Fabregas through Barcelona, ​​the couples began an intimate friendship and although they are during the holiday season, Antonela hurts greatly the separation of her best friend. In fact on her Instagram she has more photos with the Lebanese than with her own husband.

In one of her last posts, Rosario was broken in a big hug with Seeman and wrote: “I love you and I thank the life that a friend like you gave me. Waiting to celebrate together.”

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